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Dse901 Electronic Cigarette Battery

Dse901 Electronic Cigarette Battery
Brand: dse901 ecigs
Product Code: RN4075 | Dsa901
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Dse-901 E Cigarette Battery

The Dse-901 Electronic Cigarette Battery is a working part of the ecigarette,The Dse901 Electric Cigarette Battery although made to a very high standard do breakdown with use, it is always advisable to have a couple of spares.
 Purchasers should be aware that our Dse 901 Electronic Cigarette Rechargeable Batteries And Atomizers , although made to the highest quality are functional devices that may fail or degrade over a period of time, especially if in constant use (Atomizers natural lifespan is around 20-90 days and batteries expected lifespan is 3-9 months).
Many users of the Dse 901 Electronic Cigarette also purchase 'spare' Dse-901 Batteries and Dse901 Atomizers prior to completing their purchases at Checkout.
Product Care
Our Dse-901 Electronic Cigarette Batteries contain micro-electronic circuitry and micro-processors, users should store and handle these items with special care. We advise users not to store with metallic or magnetized objects or electronic transmitting devices, like keys and mobile phones, therefore extending their lifespan of functional use.

  • The Dse-901 Batteries Compatible with: Dse-901 Electronic Cigarette,

The Dse901 Batteries  Come In 3 Colors :Dse 901 White Batteries ,Dse901 Black Batteries ,Dse-901 Stainless Steel Batteries

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