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Joye 510 Automatic E-Pack starting kit

Joye 510 Automatic E-Pack starting kit
Brand: Joye 510 Ltd
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Joye 510 Automatic E-Pack Starter Kit

The Joye510 Automatic Epack the latest electronic cigarette on the market and comes from a well known manufacturer of ecig products. It is a superb ecig giving excellent vapour everytime and has a light up Automatic Joye 510 battery,
Compatible with all ego atomisers and cartridges And Cartomizers .....

Delivering Exceptional Performance and first class design. You can always count on the Joye 510 for huge vapor!
The Joye510 E-Pack

    * The Joye 510 Epack Starter kit Mini Electronic Cigarette  includes:


  • 1 -  Joye 510 E-Pack Case
  • 1 - Joye 510 E-Pack Users Manual
  • 1 - Joye 510 Automatic Rechargeable High Power Batteries w/ Red LED indicator lights
  • 1 - Joye 510 Atomizers
  • 5 - Joye 510 Cartridges included (Tobacco High)

Joye 510 cartridges are available in:
USA-Mix,Vanilla,Tobacco, Menthol,Camel

  • High-16mg
  • Med-11mg
  • Low-6mg
  • Non-0mg

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