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Electronic Cigar E-Cigar
The Best Gift For Every Men

 electronic cigar contains no carbon monoxide, toxic tar or other cancer-causing chemicals and although it contains nicotine this has no harmful effect as it cannot burn. The electronic cigar comes in one or 3 parts - a rechargeable lithium Inteli battery with a built-in micro computer and a disposable atomized cartridge that plugs into the battery. The eCigar gives cigar smokers the opportunity to smoke wherever they like but without jeopardising their health or exposing others to the dangers of passive smoking.

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Disposable e-Cigar 1000Puffs
Disposable e-Cigar 1000Puffs
Disposable e-Cigar ,Disposable Cigar  use it for 2-4 days and dispose it. The Disposable Ciga..