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Ego Wall Charger

Ego Wall Charger
Brand: Ego Joye 510
Product Code: Ego Wall Charger
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Price: $9.00
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Dragging your charger to and from home and work can be a pain. That's why a lot of people get a 2nd Ego Wall Charger.

This Ego Wall Charger comes complete with a charger box and a wall plug cable, allowing users to recharge their e-cigarette batteries in a couple of hours. Just plug it into an AC outlet, screw your rechargeable e-cigarette battery into the Ego Wall Charger and it's good to go in 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Already have an extra Ego Wall Charger at work? Buy a 2nd charger for the home and charge two e-cigarette batteries at once!

  • This Ego Compatible with: Ego Tank,Ego Riva,Ego 510 E Cigarette

NOTE: This wall charger only works with a DSE901 e-cigarette battery, is available in only USA plug configuration and is not intended for any other use.

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